Space is what we do.
Third is how we do it.

We take a purpose-driven approach to property investment, management and development. We see our portfolio of residential and commercial properties as our opportunity to create value and impact.

The triple bottom line is our business framework.
It’s how we are different.

About Us

Our Purpose.

Vancouver is our home and we want to help its people, businesses and communities thrive.

About Us


Homes to rent or buy.  Safe, vibrant and sustainable living spaces help create stronger communities.


Office. Industrial. Retail.  We provide workspaces to help businesses prosper.


We believe our work can have an impact on our communities. We create spaces for all to thrive.

Our Spaces.

We all need space to live and work.  We can help you find better space.

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Collection of real estate properties throughout Vancouver showcasing modern architecture and stunning ocean views.

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